Litigation is required when informal dispute resolution fails.  Personal injury, wrongful death, breach of contract, fraud, unlawful detainer/eviction, will/trust contest, are some examples of cases that often result in litigation.  Whether you are a plaintiff in which case you are seeking to enforce your rights or enforce certain duties and recover a remedy, or you are a defendant in which case you are defending allegations of wrongdoing, our firm can advocate for a resolution of the case in your best interest.  Our goal is always to ensure that our client’s interests are protected and an economical resolution is reached, whether the resolution be through pre trial negotiations, mediation, or dispositive motions, or whether a trial is necessitated.  While pre trial resolution is often in the best interests of litigants, in the event trial becomes necessary we always prepare a case to zealously represent our clients in trial.

We regularly try and defend cases in San Mateo County Superior Courts, San Francisco Superior Courts, and courts all around the Bay Area.