Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation

Litigation is required when informal dispute resolution fails.  Personal injury, wrongful death, breach of contract, fraud, unlawful detainer/eviction, will/trust contest, are some examples of cases that often result in litigation.  Whether you are a plaintiff in which case you are seeking to enforce your rights or enforce certain duties and recover a remedy, or you are a defendant in which case you are defending allegations of wrongdoing, our firm can advocate for a resolution of the case in your best interest.  Our goal is always to ensure that our client’s interests are protected and an economical resolution is reached, whether the resolution be through pre trial negotiations, mediation, or dispositive motions, or whether a trial is necessitated.  While pre trial resolution is often in the best interests of litigants, in the event trial becomes necessary we always prepare a case to zealously represent our clients in trial.

We regularly try and defend cases in San Mateo County Superior Courts, San Francisco Superior Courts, and courts all around the Bay Area.

Real Estate Law

While every real estate relationship begins with a transaction, a contract, a lease, or a loan, some end in disputes.  When we represent clients on the transactional side, our goal is to foresee, plan for, and avoid potential disputes while ensuring maximum protection for our clients.  In the event a dispute does arise over any real estate related issue, our law firm is experienced in aggressively pursuing our clients’ goals through the most effective and efficient means.


Our firm is experienced in landlord-tenant law and all issues that may arise over a rental/lease agreement, whether it is commercial or residential, or whether our client is the landlord or the tenant.  The landlord-tenant relationship is based on statutory law and contract agreements, and the rights and duties of each side often need to be protected and enforced.  We have decades of experience in drafting agreements as well as resolving conflicts that may arise.


Our real estate clients generally come from the Peninsula, San Francisco, and the greater Bay Area.

Family Law

When our clients come to us with their family law related situations, we work tirelessly to ensure that their rights are advocated for and their goals are attained.  Family law often involves emotional aspects of one’s life and we strive to meet those needs.  Whether our client is interested in a premarital or post-marital agreement, a devoted parent seeking a custody plan, a spouse seeking an equitable property division, or a spouse in need of support, we help resolve those family law related issues that can cause stress in one’s life.

Through almost four decades of family law experience in San Francisco, San Mateo County, and the greater Bay Area, our firm has earned a reputation of credibility, advocacy, and respect in San Mateo County Superior Courts and San Francisco Superior Courts.

Estate Planning & Litigation

Estate planning is a very important step in one’s life.  Protecting your assets and planning for the future ultimately protects your family and protects your intent.  Estate planning often involves protections that serve to formalize your desires when it comes to what you have gained throughout your life.  The planning processes generally consist of a will, trust, powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, and ultimately trust administration or probate.  There are many different ways to plan for the future and our extensive experience is tailored to your individual needs.

Estate litigation is when a dispute arises over the the administration of a trust or probate estate, usually between beneficiaries, omitted heirs, trustees, or third parties.  Issues of undue influence, lack of capacity, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of a promise to make a will or leave an inheritance are common.

Business Law

Our law firm offers businesses of all sizes and forms the full range of legal expertise. From small businesses to large corporations we advise and assist in business formation, management and transactions, and when appropriate, litigation or dispute resolution.

We are experienced in all business forms, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLP), and sole proprietorships.

Our transactional services ensure safeguards and protections for our clients’ interests that make business and financial sense. From drafting contracts to negotiating terms and ensuring compliance, each decision is made for the overall success of achieving our clients’ goals.

Forming and managing successful business relationships is a positive endeavor of our practice, but when relationships break down, contracts are breached, or disputes arise, we are vigilant. Our business litigation skills can help you in a breach of contract dispute, breach of fiduciary duty issue, partnership or shareholder dispute, and whatever else might be affecting you or your business, whether you seek a remedy as a plaintiff or are defending allegations made against you.